Scheduling Space For Tests, Midterms And Final Exams At The DSO

Instructions to schedule a test at the DSO:

  1. Work with the instructor to determine if testing space at the DSO is required.
  2. Log in to the DSO Portal and click “Book a midterm, test or quiz” or “Book a final exam”.
  3. The deadlines to ensure space availability are as follows: (The DSO will attempt to fulfill any request received after these dates.)
    1. Requests for tests/midterm is Friday, February 2, 2018.
    2. Requests for final exams to be taken within the Final Exam Period is Friday, March 30, 2018.
  4. Exams must be scheduled no less than 3 days before the exam.  The ‘scheduling’ day (when you go online) and day of the exam do NOT count as business days.  Example, for a Friday exam, it must be scheduled no later than the preceding Monday at 11:59 PM.  (Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday are the complete business days).  All tests should be booked for the same time and day as the class, unless authorized by the instructor or when prohibited by the student’s course schedule.  Any student scheduling tests without explicit authorization from the instructor will be seen as violating the honor code.
  5. If you have any challenges making requests please send an e-mail to or complete the 2017 Fall Semester Exams Google Doc (Difficulty Scheduling and Wait List)

*Please be aware that the DSO is not able to pass out parking passes for students taking exams. You will need to park on campus where you normally park and either catch the bus or allow time for walking to get to your scheduled exam on time. 

Printable Checklist with Chart This link will open in a new window

See the Step-by-Step Scheduling Instructions page for more details on the scheduling process.

See the Testing Information for Students page for more detailed information about taking tests / exams at the DSO.

Tests for Distance Education courses:

The Disability Services Office does not provide testing space for Distance Education courses.  Instead, you will need to make arrangements with the DELTA Testing Center.  To do so, download and send a copy of the accommodation letter via e-mail to , notify DELTA that you wish to schedule the tests with accommodations and specify which accommodations you wish to use.

Please see the following websites for more information.

DELTA Testing Services

Engineering Online

Testing Hours

From 8:30 AM until 4:30 PM in the First Year College Commons and Student Health Services Center buildings during class days of the semester;

Final Exams: From 8 AM until 2 PM and 2PM until 8 PM at all locations unless otherwise noted.