Utilizing Accommodations

The DSO asks all students whenever possible to submit requests for accommodation no later than six weeks prior to the start of the upcoming semester. The DSO realizes that in some circumstances it is not possible to provide six weeks advance notice, and in these situations, the DSO will make its best effort to complete your accommodation request as soon as possible.

The primary purpose for granting early registration privileges to DSO registered students is to allow sufficient lead time to timely put into place academic accommodations. Priority registration means that students have the opportunity to enroll in courses six weeks (or more) before the start of the semester. It defeats one of the main purposes for granting priority registration privileges when students unnecessarily delay submission of their requests for academic accommodations until the first week of class. PLEASE NOTE: If a course instructor fails to identify your course’s textbooks for a course in which you need print provided in an alternative format, please work with your access consultant at the DSO to manage the situation, e.g., your access consultant can contact your instructor and or the department to try to hasten the process.

This DSO request for six-weeks advance notice applies to all accommodation requests from continuing students, including these major accommodation services: Alternate Media (Books & Course Readers), Note-taking, Accessible Classroom locations, Access Assistants, Accessible Furniture, Interpreting, Captioning, Scribe, and Lab Assistance.

Roles in the Accommodation Process

Requesting Accommodation Letters

Accommodation Descriptions

Testing Accommodations