Utilizing Approved Accommodations

Once eligible, approved accommodations may take several days to be implemented and are not retroactive.  There are no deadlines for requesting an accommodation; however, students are responsible for requesting accommodations with enough time for implementation.  The DSO suggests that all students request accommodations for courses as soon as registration occurs, but no later than the first week of courses to ensure full utilization of any requested accommodations.

Students should work closely with their advisor when deciding their course schedule.  Scheduling back-to-back courses could interfere with the implementation of testing accommodations.

The DSO requests six-weeks advance notice to all continuing students that require these major accommodation services: Alternate Media (Books & Course Readers), Note-taking, Accessible Classroom locations, Access Assistants, Accessible Furniture, Interpreting, Captioning, Scribe, and Lab Assistance.  PLEASE NOTE: If a course instructor fails to identify your course’s textbooks for a course in which you need print provided in an alternative format, please work with Assistive Technology Coordinator at the DSO to manage the situation, e.g., contact your instructor and or the department to try to hasten the process.

The DSO realizes that in some circumstances it is not possible to provide advanced notice, and in these situations, the DSO will make its best effort to complete your accommodation request as soon as possible.

Requesting Accommodation Letters

Roles in the Accommodation Process

Specific Accommodation Descriptions

Housing Accommodations