Step-By-Step Scheduling Instructions for Students

Using the online scheduling system you will be able to schedule your tests and finals by logging in to the same portal that you used to request your accommodation letters.  You may access it through the link below or by going to the “Student Request for Accommodation” link on the forms page.  Both will get you to the same portal.  To review the steps that you need to take prior to scheduling any exams, go to the Information For Students page.   Please contact the testing coordinator at 919-513-3769 or at if you require assistance scheduling your exams.


For Distance Education Courses

Download and send a copy of the accommodation letter via e-mail to , notify DELTA that you wish to schedule the tests with accommodations and specify which accommodations you wish to use.  If you do not submit a copy of the letter to DELTA your testing accommodations may be delayed.  For more information about Distance Education and testing, please visit the appropriate site:




Engineering Online





Test / Final Exam Scheduling for All Other Courses

Please right-click the following link and open it in a new tab or window.  This way you may review these instructions while working in the scheduling system.


DSO Student Portal


Click on the “Main Menu” link in the bar below the NC State University banner.  Then click on “Book a test”.  You will see a description of what you can do using this portal.  Click on the “Schedule a tests, mid-term or quiz” or “Schedule a final exam” links to schedule the appropriate type of exam.  You will then see the welcome page for the scheduling wizard.  Read through the information and click the “Next” button when you are ready to proceed.  Note: If you instead see a page that states “You do not have any active courses in our system at the current time.” Then you still need to request your Accommodations Letters.  Click on the “Main Menu” button to request your Accommodation Letters immediately.


  1. Select course” – use the drop-down box to select the course for which you are scheduling the test.
    1. Once an instructor confirms receipt of the Accommodation Letter their class will show up in your drop-down menu.
      1. If you do not see a course listed in the menu then please contact your instructors to request that they authorize you to test with DSO (by confirming receipt of your Accommodation Letters in the DSO faculty portal).
      2. This is the link for instructors to find all the information that pertains to what they need to do to arrange for students to take tests at DSO.
    2. Click the “Next” button to proceed.
  2. Class test date and time” – Select the appointment time that fits best into your schedule.
    1. The dates / times that the instructor has scheduled for the class to take the exam will appear in the “Select a date and time” section.
      1. Schedule your exams to overlap / start at the same time as the class period if at all possible.
      2. You may select only one exam date at a time. Once you finish scheduling an exam you can then schedule the next.
      3. You should schedule all exams (including finals) as early in the semester as possible.
  3. When an instructor enters information about a test that date will appear in the “Select a date and time” section.
    1. If you do not see any dates listed then your instructor has not entered testing information; however, you may still enter the test date and duration by clicking on “Select an alternate date and time”.
    2. This is the link for instructors to find all the information that pertains to what they need to do to arrange for students to take tests at DSO.
    3. Click the “Next” button to proceed
  4. Confirm prof info” – Verify that your instructor’s information is correct.  If it is not please send an e-mail to with the information that needs to be corrected.
  5. Choose accommodations” – Check off the accommodation that you are requesting for this test.
    1. Accommodations that you do not check may not be available to you for this test.
    2. If you feel that you are eligible for accommodations that you do not see listed, please contact us at
    3. Your extended time will be calculated by the system if you check the Extended Time accommodation box. If you do not select this box we may not be able to give you more than the standard time for the class.
  6. Select your test time” – The system will show you the selected date and time.
    1. The system will compare your reservation to your academic schedule and will move your reservation to the closest time that you have available (hopefully overlapping the class time) for the full duration of your test.
    2. If this is correct then click the “Next” button. If not, click the “Previous” Button to correct it.
  7. Confirm and complete” – Confirm the information displayed on this page. If it is correct then click the “Finish” button.  If not, click the “Previous” Button to correct it.
    1. You must check the box that states “I acknowledge that the information I am submitting is correct to the best of my knowledge.” before the system will allow you to finish the reservation.
    2. Your reservations will be available to view in the system. Just log in and click on “My upcoming events”.



About the DSO Testing Spaces:


(The Testing Coordinator will assign you to an appropriate space for your accommodation needs.  Testing locations notices will be sent out on the afternoon / evening of the business day prior to each exam reservation.)

All of DSO’s locations are Reduced-Distractions testing spaces that are Separate from the class.  The Technology Rooms are reserved in the following order:

  1. For students who need to use technology that may distract others.
  2. For students who have the accommodation of an Individual Reduced-Distraction testing room.
  3. For students who prefer an individual room but do not have an accommodation for one.