Staff Note Taker

A staff note taker is a person hired by DSO to go to the class and take summary notes. A staff note taker is used only when other note taking provisions are not effective. Responsibilities are as follows:


  • Provide a copy of lecture notes, overheads, or power point presentations.
  • Allow a staff note taker to attend your class to take notes by hand or on a laptop computer.
  • Whenever possible, identify suitable candidates.
  • If the student receives copies of your lecture notes, you can request that the student sign an Agreement for Receiving Course Lecture Materials.
  • Confirm required events outside the usual classroom schedule i.e. field trips, etc.


  • Provide class schedule to the DSO.
  • Contact the DSO as soon as possible to report any class absence, problems with the note taker, or any change in course meeting times, places, or other essential information.
  • Make sure that you always carry back-up methods such as note taking paper or recorder.
  • Repeated failure to report your absence to the DSO could result in loss of services.
  • Notify the DSO two weeks in advance of required events outside the usual classroom schedule. Requests may be accepted with less notice, but the staff note taker cannot be guaranteed.


  • Recruit, screen, hire, and supervise the staff note taker.
  • Provide any required equipment and instructions to the staff note taker.