Semester To Do List

By The End of the First Week

Request Accommodation Letters (If not requested 6 weeks in advance)

  • Log in to the Student Portal and request your accommodation letters be sent to your professors.
  • Request your audio and/or alternate format by completing the Audio/Alternate Format Request Form
  • Checkout or renew any equipment you need from the DSO either at the front desk or using the online renewal form.

Implement Your Accommodations

  • Contact your instructors to discuss the accommodation letter, which accommodations you may need and how and where your accommodations will be utilized. If an instructor denies the use of an accommodation, contact the DSO immediately.

By The End of the Second Week

Schedule All Tests for the Semester

  • If it is determined that you need to test with the DSO, log in and schedule every test for the semester, including finals. A delay could limit your ability to use accommodations.

Throughout The Semester


  • Stay in contact and make your instructor aware of any issues or problems with your accommodations.
  • Contact the DSO if you have any questions, concerns or problems about receiving your accommodations as soon as possible.
  • Check your email frequently. Your NC State email is the official mode of communication with you.
  • Visit the DSO website for specific directions on requesting accommodations, scheduling testing and various opportunities and resources available throughout the semester.

End of The Semester

Register for Classes

  • Utilize priority registration, if eligible, to create a schedule that allows you to use your accommodations effectively.
  • Request accommodations and any audio/alternate format materials as soon as possible after registering for classes. 

Return/Renew Equipment

  • Drop off equipment at the front desk if you do not plan to use it for the next semester or renew the loan using the online renewal form.