Requesting Accommodation Letters

At the beginning of each semester, a student registered with the DSO must follow the appropriate process to receive accommodations.

  1. Log in and request accommodations from the DSO portal and click “Accommodation Letters” Any additions to the course schedule will require another request for those new courses added.
  2. Contact instructors to discuss and implement accommodations as early as possible, ideally no later than the second week of classes.  Accommodations may not be provided without a discussion with the Instructor.  Some accommodations may need to be set up well in advance.
  3. If needed, request alternate format and note takers (Must be eligible for these accommodations)
  4. Renew equipment loans (i.e. Livescribe Pens, etc) if needed.
  5. Contact your DSO access consultant or as soon as possible if there are any challenges in requesting accommodations, changes to accommodations or questions concerning the use of accommodations listed in the accommodation letter.