How to Register with the DSO

Registering with the DSO

Reasonable accommodations are provided to students who have disclosed a disability with our office and have provided documentation that supports the need for reasonable accommodations so they may, as independently as possible, participate in the university experience.

  • Register with the DSO by using your Unity ID and password. Once logged in, click the Register with DSO Icon.
  • Submit Documentation. The DSO Access Consultant will review the documentation  and contact you (via your official NC State email address) to notify you of your eligibility status.  On a case-by-case basis, the DSO may require documentation directly from the diagnostician.


The eligibility process is a lengthy one. It could take ten business days or more before you are contacted. Register as early as possible to avoid a delay in receiving accommodations. There are no additional college fees or charges to register with the DSO or to receive accommodations.

*Temporary Medical Condition? (Broken Arm, Concussion, Surgery, etc.)

**Visiting students from another institution taking classes may have the Disability Services Office at their home institution provide the disability diagnosis and current accommodations rather than submit documentation from a diagnostician.  Students will receive comparable accommodations at NC State.