Providing Equal Access in the Classroom

3D Memo: Faculty Responsibilities for Providing Accommodations to Students with Disabilities

What does accessible mean?

NCSU REG 08.00.11 – Online Course Material Host Requirements

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The DSO is a resource for faculty on how to meet their obligations in providing equal access to students with disabilities.  If you have questions about any accommodation or need clarification on an issue, you are encouraged to discuss your concerns with a staff member of the DSO.  In addition, the DSO staff is available to schedule an information session on a variety of topics for you or your department upon request.  Presentations can be customized to address particular needs or issues as desired.

Creating Course Content

Creation, selection and delivery of instructional content is the responsibility of the instructor.   Planning for accessibility from the beginning is an order of magnitude easier, both in time and money, than fixing it after the fact.  There is no resource on campus for converting inaccessible content for the faculty.  Documents and files that are not created by accessible means will have to be converted by the instructor.  When selecting text, software, or any other means to deliver material, it is imperative to choose products that are accessible.

Providing Accommodations

Teaching Students with Disabilities