Extended Time on In-Class Assignments, Tests and Quizzes

Extended time on in-class quizzes and tests is more time than that given to the rest of the class as stated in the student’s DSO Student Letter of Accommodations or DSO Student Services Letter. Responsibilities are as follows:


  • Provide extended time at the department or schedule testing through the DSO. (Arranging test proctoring at DSO)
  • For the student to receive extended time at the DSO, it may be necessary for the instructor to be flexible about when the student takes the test for various reasons such as back-to-back classes, two final exams in a 24-hour period, DSO space and staff availability, etc.


  • Meet with the instructor to determine whether the test will be at the department or at the DSO.
  • Any test scheduling conflicts should be addressed with the instructor and resolved well in advance of the test.


  • Provide testing space when given at least one week advanced notice, a completed Modified Testing Authorization form, and when space is available.