Class Notes

Some disabilities and medical conditions prohibit the ability to take notes.  Class notes are offered only when a student is unable to capture information presented in class and the accommodation of note taking provisions is not reasonable due to functional limitations of the disability.  Responsibilities are as follows:


  • Discuss available options for receiving notes with the student.
  • Provide copies of your lecture notes
    • copies of overheads/slides (also include notes or supplemental information)
    • TA who can share copies of notes
  • Designate a student to share notes or send the class an email to seek someone willing to share notes. A sample is included for convenience:

“Dear Students,
I am seeking someone to share their notes each day with another student in the class.  If you are willing, please reply as soon as possible. Thank you for your willingness to help me provide access in this course.”

  • Posting the notes in Moodle or on the class website follows Universal Design Principles and assists all students with content acquisition.
  • Please keep the student’s identity confidential and provide the student with the designated note taker’s contact information
  • If the student receives copies of your lecture notes, you can request that the student sign an Agreement for Receiving Course Lecture Materials.
  • Contact the Access Consultant named in the letter as soon as possible if you have difficulty identifying a source for notes as soon as possible.

Student Sharing Notes

  • Provide timely copies of each days notes to instructor or student
  • Maintain the confidentiality of the student
  • Contact Instructor if you are no longer able to provide a copy of notes
  • Contact the DSO for an acknowledgement letter at the completion of the semester


  • Request accommodations and contact the instructor to discuss available options for receiving notes.
  • If needed, communicate with the note taker and determine the procedure for getting a copy of the notes.  Some options available:
    • Upload/download notes to DSO portal
    • Create a shared folder and upload /download notes through Google Drive
    • Pick up note taking paper (carbonless copy) from the DSO office to provide to volunteer
    • Come to the DSO office to make copies of notes (at no cost)
    • Contact the DSO to provide training on how to upload notes, if needed.
  • Have back-up methods such as note taking paper or a recorder and identify a student who can share notes if the student note taker does not attend class due to illness.
  • Notify the instructor at once if the note taker is not providing notes in a timely manner or if the notes are not adequate.
  • Contact the DSO if you have any questions/concerns about receiving class notes.


  • Provide consultation and assist instructor and student in the provision of class notes.
  • Provide any required equipment, training and instructions, as needed.