Audio Recorder

One method of note taking is audio recording lectures to supplement notes taken in class. Responsibilities are as follows:


  • Allow student to audio record your lecture.
  • Notify the class when to stop taking notes so that student can turn off the recorder.
  • If required, contact the student to provide you with a copy of a signed DSO Agreement for Recording Lectures and Seminars.


  • Notify the Instructor of your intention to record the lecture before you turn on any device.
  • Use your own audio recorder or borrow one from the DSO.
  • Bring the recorder to all class meetings in good working order.
  • If requested by the instructor, sign a DSO Agreement for Recording Lectures and Seminars and return the completed form to the instructor.
  • If using an audio recorder borrowed from the DSO, report any problems with the recorder to the instructor and email
  • Turn off the tape recorder at the instructor’s request, when class comments/discussions are not suitable or essential for class notes.


  • Supply tape recorders for student use.
  • Provide the DSO Agreement for Recording Lectures and Seminars form, keep completed copies on file, and send copies to instructors when requested.