Alternate Format Materials

Alternate format materials are only available for courses that students are currently enrolled in. Therefore, requests for materials should only be made after registration is completed. The DSO does not provide any alternate format for personal use or study (Section 504, 104.44(d)(2)). Assistance is available from DSO staff at any point during the alternate format process.

The DSO, in conjunction with NC State Libraries and academic departments, provides alternate format materials for eligible students when possible and in accordance with all copyright laws and exceptions. Every attempt is made to provide alternate format in the most efficient and effective way possible. The DSO tries to provide the student’s preferred format but this may not always be possible. Generally, the DSO does not provide multiple formats of the same material unless approved in advance by the Service Provider. Students requesting these alternate formats should submit requests according to the procedures for their requested alternate format (click on any of the following alternate formats for specific procedures).

You must complete an Alternate Format Request Form if you wish to receive Alternate Format.

How to Receive Alternate Format

If you do not complete the required steps as outlined, the DSO will not take action and the alternate format requested will not be provided. If you are registered with the DSO and are eligible for alternate format, you must complete the following each semester:

Request Accommodations

  • Accommodations and Services should be requested as soon as your course registration is complete. After requested, letters of accommodation will be sent to your instructors.
  • Request your accommodations using the DSO Student Portal

Contact each instructor

  • Contact your instructors to discuss and arrange accommodations and services. Obtain or confirm information (title, publisher, edition) about the required course textbook(s), course packs, etc. Instructors are not responsible for obtaining alternate format for your textbooks.

Submit an Alternate Format Request Form

Submit the textbook and/or other materials

  • If you are requesting an accessible pdf or word doc of the textbook, you will need to submit a reciept of purchase or show the printed copy of the textbook, or any other materials to the DSO.
  • Alternate Formats provided through Learning Ally or Bookshare do not require book receipts or proof of purchase.
  • Some materials are not available as a digital file and the DSO will need to cut and scan your book. If requested, Submit the printed copy of the textbook, or other materials, to the DSO.
  • Some materials may take six weeks to three months to complete, so it is important for you to submit the materials in a timely manner.
  • The DSO will then research the book. This includes checking formats that are currently available. Generally the DSO does not produce an additional format if an accessible format is already available.

Sign all forms as requested

  • If an accessible electronic format is available from the publisher, the DSO will obtain it. This may require you to sign an additional request form.
  • When contacted by the DSO regarding an accessible electronic format, sign and return the form as soon as possible.
  • The DSO will contact you by email when the research is complete to inform you of the alternate format that will be provided.

PLEASE NOTE: Every effort will be made to honor your preferred format. However, the DSO makes the final decision regarding the most suitable format. Decisions are based on your preference, the volume and content of the material, the date of the request, and the current resources. Requests for multiple formats will be considered on an individual basis.

Maintain Communication

  • Inform the DSO if you have any questions or if an accommodation or service is needed to complete the required steps.
  • If you have questions or concerns about your alternate format, please email