Welcome to NC State University. The Disability Services Office (DSO), a part of the Division of Academic and Student Affairs collaborates with the institution’s diverse community to ensure that all aspects of campus life — learning, working and living — are universally accessible to every student at NC State.  In circumstances that the learning environment is not designed universally, the DSO collaborates with students to determine reasonable accommodations to ensure equal opportunity.

Since some individuals have reactions to perfumes and fragrances found in beauty and personal hygiene products, the DSO asks that our visitors refrain from wearing perfume, cologne, and other fragrances, and use unscented personal care products, when possible, in order to promote a fragrance-free environment.

NC State is committed to providing all students with equal access to educational programs, services and activities.  Explore the links to find information on receiving accommodations and services at NC State University.  Students who have, or think they may have, a disability (e.g. mental health, attentional, learning, vision, hearing, physical or systemic) are invited to contact the DSO to arrange a confidential discussion at 919-515-7653 or disability@ncsu.edu.