Important Information for Students:

The DSO asks all students whenever possible to submit requests for accommodation no later than six weeks prior to the start of the upcoming semester. The DSO realizes that in some circumstances it is not possible to provide six weeks advance notice, and in these situations, the DSO will make its best effort to complete your accommodation request as soon as possible.

You MUST contact the Instructor once a letter has been requested.  Communication between you and your Instructor is essential to the implementation of accommodations.  This includes setting up testing accommodations.  Do not delay in discussing your needs with the Instructor.  Courses have different essential requirements and some accommodations may not be reasonable.  The DSO will contact you to communicate any accommodations that may be denied and discuss alternate options, if available.


Students should contact their instructors to implement testing accommodations and schedule all of their tests within the first two weeks of the start of classes. The DSO understands that this may not be possible in all circumstances and will provide its best effort to assist you and your instructor in implementing accommodations.  When a professor is unable to provide testing accommodations within the department, there may be available space within the DSO.   Students should schedule all of their semester tests as soon as the instructor has indicated the need to test at the DSO.  Space is extremely limited on campus and a delay in scheduling may risk the opportunity to use accommodations.

Due to the amount of planning and administrative tasks involved, if there is space available, you must schedule your tests at least three business days in advance.  If you have not scheduled your tests at the DSO before the three day window, plan on taking the test with the class. 

If you have any questions or the Instructor is unable to provide your accommodations, contact us immediately.