Registration Steps

Step 1

Complete the Request for Eligibility Review Form (EEO-009).

Step 2

Submit a Documentation of Disability Form (EEO-010). All DSO documentation forms must be mailed or faxed directly from your provider. If your documentation substantiates that you are a person with a disability, you will be registered with the DSO and the ADA Coordinator will contact you to request that you and your supervisor schedule an appointment.

Step 3

Schedule an appointment for you and your supervisor to meet with the ADA Coordinator to discuss accommodations. This meeting is required for accommodations to begin.

Step 4

Meet with the ADA Coordinator and your supervisor to:

  • discuss your functional limitations and restrictions
  • discuss essential job functions
  • outline the services for which you are eligible
  • complete and sign an Accommodations Agreement Form (EEO-011)