Reduced Distraction Testing Room

This room should have the following features: it should have fewer sensory distractions than the usual testing environment, it should be away from others, and the student should have the option to start and end the test in the same room. Some students qualify for an individual room (a place where they can test alone), others qualify for a separate testing room (a place where they can test with significantly fewer students). Responsibilities are as follows:


  • Provide a reduced distraction room at the department or schedule testing through the DSO.
  • For the student to use a reduced distraction testing room at the DSO, it may be necessary for the instructor to be flexible about when the student takes the test for various reasons such as DSO space or staff availability.


  • Meet with the instructor to determine whether the test will be at the department or at the DSO.
  • Any test scheduling conflicts should be addressed with the instructor and resolved well in advance of the test.


  • Provide a reduced distraction testing room when given at least three business days advanced notice and space is available.