Physical Education Substitution

The Physical Education (PE) department independently offers Adapted PE (PE 110) for students with documented medical restrictions who are unable to take regular PE classes. This course is repeatable up to four semesters and can meet the PE academic requirement without the need for DSO involvement. If a student is medically restricted from participating at all in PE exercise activity and therefore cannot take PE 110, the student can pursue a PE substitution through the DSO. Medical restrictions may warrant substitutions for the Physical Education GER, but waivers are not granted.

To receive a PE substitution, the student must qualify based on documentation on file in the DSO. If documentation indicates a disability or medical condition that prohibits participation in all PE exercise activities, the student will qualify. Reports that are most helpful in determining eligibility directly address the student's inability to participate in PE exercise activities, explain how the disability or substantial medical condition prevents the student from participating, and recommend that a substitution is warranted.

If documentation on file has no mention of PE restrictions, the student must seek further evaluation/documentation from a qualified diagnostician if requesting a PE substitution. If the student does not seek further evaluation/documentation, the student will be required to meet the PE requirement.

If a student qualifies for a PE substitution, the DSO service provider will send a letter to the Associate Dean of the student's college and the PE Department Head. The PE Department Head will be available to meet with the student to determine the appropriate course substitution and to notify the Associate Dean of the course that has been selected for substitution.