Assistance with Temporary Conditions

A Temporary Condition is a physical or mental impairment reasonably expected to heal or resolve within six months that significantly limits a major life activity or bodily function.  This is NOT covered by the Americans with Disabilities Act - AA or Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act. NC State extends the courtesy of testing assistance to students with temporary impairments. This service is voluntary on the part of the University and is not required by law.  The DSO may provide additional services to students who experience significant limitations due to temporary conditions such as illness, injury, surgery, etc. In the past, services have included consultation with a DSO service provider, letters to instructors regarding temporary classroom needs, academic services, physical access information (campus access map), and referral to other campus departments. 

Your Responsibilities Include

  • Discussing your needs with your Instructor (Your Instructor must provide the DSO with a list of needs)
  • Requesting services by contacting the DSO
  • Completing a DSO Application
  • Providing medical documentation including a diagnosis, expected duration of condition, treatment, and limitations. Hospital discharge summaries or doctor’s notes often provide the necessary information.
  • Meeting with a DSO service provider to discuss temporary needs
  • Contacting your Instructor and the DSO service provider if/when additional needs arise

Temporary Medical Condition Checklist